Saturday, March 19, 2011


So UK forces are preparing to help in the no fly zone in Libya. What are we getting into? David Cameron talking to Tom Bradbury on the ITV News last night could not answer the question "How do we get out, what is the end game?"

This strikes me as a disaster in the making and it's all too late. Three weeks ago Cameron asked for a no fly zone, it has taken the world and the UN all this time to reach a decision and in the meantime Gaddafi's forces have slaughtered hundreds of people and retaken most of the towns held by the rebels. Only Benghazi is left. Too little, too late and what are we doing their in the first place?

Cameron described Gaddafi as a despicable dictator, isn't that exactly what Mugabi is in Zimbabwe, what's the difference? OIL!.

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