Thursday, March 24, 2011


This morning the Daily Mail published a pie chart showing how the UK Government spends OUR money that we pay in taxes and National Insurance. One of the figures that struck me was the £40 billion spent on defence, drastically being reduced by the Strategic Defence Review (more on that in another post). Foreign Aid was not a specific part of the pie chart, it was included in the £77 billion under other things. The Foreign Aid budget is to rise to £32 billion a year of our money being given away to the likes of Zimbabwe, that's right Zimbabwe. Yemen, that's right Yemen and the likes of India, with their space programme and nuclear weopons. You really couldn't make it up could you.

I'd guess that if the British public were given a vote on Foreign Aid I would suspect a good majority would be against the British Government borrowing to give it away to people who don't even like us. But the British people did vote for this, it was after all in all the manifestos of the big three parties. They are as one on this (as with so many things).

Perhaps it is time to look at alternatives to Conservatives, Labour and the Lib Cons, oops sorry Dems. UKIP are an alternative and they are not a one policy party as many people think. Take the time to look at their manifesto and you will be surprised. One nugget from their manifesto, pensions to rise to £156.00 a week now wouldn't that be a good way to treat our senior citizens who've paid into the system all their working lives and are thought so little of by the big three.

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