Thursday, March 31, 2011


So we have started giving sanctuary to high ups from the Libyan regime. First the Foreign Secretary, former head of Libyan Intelligence and there are rumours that more are to follow. David Cameron pledges on television that there will be no immunity. We all know about pledges from politicians. You must wonder what dirty little deals are being made in out name.

Remember Al Magrahi the only one ever convicted for the Lockerbie bombing and the dirty little deal done there. He was supposed to be weeks away from death and released on compassionate grounds, yea right, he's still alive 18 months later. Hopefully a coalition bomd will land right on his head.

The British public are treated like idiots, it is about time we changed politics and voted for a different party other than the big three, but who else is there? You would have thought that with disaffection with the coaltion government and the country still sore with Labour that UKIP would be coming to the fore, where are they?

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